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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Central Station, Dundee Pop-up Tour

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being invited along to the new arts collective, Central Station's Touring event in Dundee to speak about the process of collaboration.

My speaking-partner was Genevieve Ryan, an illustrator and recent graduate of ECA, with whom I worked last year. We were asked to provide some insight into our work and practice, focusing on the collaborative Text/Image piece we published last year as part of an ECA/Edinburgh Uni partnership.

The other participants came from a diverse range of disciplines; underground music festival creators, digital music, zines, graphic art etc.

Yuck & Yum - arts organisation & zine
Johanna Basford
& Lyall Bruce (aka SooperDD) - illustrator & graphic artist collaboration
Arika - creators of underground music and film festivals
Genevieve Ryan & Jo Swingler - illustrator & writer collaboration
Colliderscope - animation & musician collaboration
V&A Dundee - a talk from the action group Co-ordinator, Georgina Follett

It was great hearing how the different groups worked together and what the thinking was behind each collaboration.

Having enjoyed the process so much, Gen and I are definitely up for creating a longer piece; possibly a complete collection of images/stories.

Lots to look forward to and I'll be exploring the Central Station site more...there's so much exciting work there already...

Gutter Mag

I'm very excited about my story being in Issue 2 of Gutter magazine. It'll feature alongside such brilliant, established writers as Ron Butlin, Gordon Legge as well as new writers like Ryan Van Winkle and Anneliese Mackintosh.

The launch event is part of the Aye Write! Festival through in Glasgow on 6th March and will feature one of my favourite novelists of the moment, Ewan Morrison.